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Around Town

Nestled on a strip of land about a mile long between the Chugach Mountains and Prince William Sound, Valdez is a true Alaskan “small town”. Valdez’s downtown and harbor areas are easily walkable, with many businesses and attractions only a few blocks from most local accommodations. 

Thompson Pass

Winter or summer, snow or sunshine, Thompson Pass is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts and sightseers at any time of the year. As drivers cruise down the highway in the summertime, surrounded by a horizon of mountain peaks, flowing streams, gushing waterfalls and endless natural beauty, they’ll feel like they’re leaving the rest of the world behind.

Keystone Canyon

After descending Thompson Pass, the Richardson Highway winds through historic Keystone Canyon. 


Between Keystone Canyon and the main Valdez townsite, there's plenty to see and countless recreation opportunities in our "out-of-town" region. 

Dayville Road

Dayville Road, located 'Across the Bay' from downtown offers some of Valdez's biggest attractions. Look for the Dayville Road turn-off along the Richardson Highway, about six miles out of town. The best wildlife viewing and fishing spots around town are on Dayville.

The Waterfront

The best views, dining and live entertainment are found along the waterfront in downtown Valdez. Stroll along the boardwalk on North Harbor Drive facing the boat harbor or head over to South Hazelet Avenue near the ferry docks for food, drinks, and local culture. 

Mineral Creek Area

Head just west of downtown Valdez on Egan Drive to discover secluded trails and scenic sightseeing opportunities along Mineral Creek. The area is home to a few small residential neighborhoods. Parking is available at the trailhead for each trail, and a small playground is also available at the Shoup Bay trailhead.