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Wildlife Viewing

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Valdez, Alaska

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Fishing in Prince William Sound!

Valdez's Prince William Sound is a premier fishing destination offering all species of salmon and some of the most accessible big halibut in Alaska. Valdez is home to the oldest fish derbies in Alaska, awarding thousands of dollars in prize money each year. You can fish from shore along Dayville Road or take a charter from the Valdez Small Boat Harbor. Rent a boat from Corsair Charters or taking a charter with the local experts at Valdez Outfitters our our many other local fishing charters!

Hiking & Biking

Discover Valdez's amazing trails for hiking and biking. 

Glacier & Wildlife Tours

Valdez offers a full array of opportunities to view our glaciers and wildlife. Consider a kayak tour with Anadyr Adventures or Pangaea Adventures, or take an aerial tour with VS Helicopters. Consider a glacier cruise with Lu-Lu Belle Cruises or Stan Stephens Cruises

History, Arts & Culture

The growth and settlement of Valdez can be attributed to fur trading, salmon canning, and gold and copper mining. During the Klondike Gold Rush of 1897-98, prospectors came to Valdez believing the Copper River and Valdez Glacier to be the entry to the interior gold fields. From 1910 to 1916, copper and gold mining flourished in the area. In the early 1970's, Valdez became the staging area for work on the lower portion of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. Today, Valdez hosts the Valdez Marine Terminal, which is the southernmost end of the 800-mile oil pipeline.


A full range of accommodations is available in Valdez. Hotels and B&Bs are located within walking distance of most of Valdez's downtown attractions. Cabins and wilderness lodges are also available. Check out our special offers for discounts on lodging during your stay in Valdez. Valdez has great opportunities for RV camping, tent camping, and wilderness camping. A number of RV parks are available in and out of town. 


Valdez has great restaurants throughout town. Some of our favorites include the Fat Mermaid and Mike's Palace on North Harbor Drive, Fu Kung on Kobuk Drive, and A Rogue's Garden on Fairbanks Drive. 


Local Valdez outfitters, shops, and gift stores are available for whatever you may need on your trip. 


Valdez is accessible by road, ferry or air.