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Hello, my name is Faith:

your new VCVB E.D.



Did you know?  


VCVB has found its new Executive Director.

It’s me!


It is an honor to be writing from the Valdez Convention and Visitors Bureau office today as the Executive Director of VCVB. The dust is just beginning to settle from my arrival here in Valdez. Many of you have just become aware of the new E.D.’s arrival. I am sure you all have many questions, so let me  answer a few of those for you today!


1.       Who am I?


Originally from the Pacific Northwest, much of my life was spent wandering in the rain forests.  My first trek to Alaska was with a Dungeness Crab Boat crew. I loved this state instantly and immediately began plotting my future here. And, although crabbing was wonderful -- the physical exertion, the smells, the fresh ocean air -- I really am better suited for administration.


You might have seen me around! I am proud to be a new resident. My family and I are playing Valdez tourists as long as we can. It’s wonderful to see our town through the eyes of  newcomers -- it lends great perspective. We have found lots to do: exploring the town on foot, buying our gear, learning sign language, and making friends at the pool.


We are all excited to be in Valdez.


2.       What do I do?


I come from a business background. Many of my positions were directly entwined with tourism and hospitality.  Nonprofits, business development, banking, and visionary style leadership make up a solid combination to support our CVB (and you!) in this position.


I am heavily focused on enhancing relationships through transparency and collaboration. I will seek to be your biggest advocate, and to discover creative solutions for your growth and the success of Valdez.


3.       What’s new with the VCVB?




There are quite a few updates! Here is a brief rundown:


1) Joe List, COO of Totem Hotel and Suites, has stepped into the role of President. As our previous VP, he has proven to be a great asset to our organization. Hello, Joe!


2) We also welcome three new board members, via April appointment: Magdalena McKay, Keristyn Weber, and  Janai Comer. Bios will be coming to our website in May.


3) We invite the public to attend our monthly board meetings. They take place on the third Wednesday of the month at 12 pm.  The  Zoom link and Agenda will be found on our website.


*Doing the math, we still have room to welcome a few more Board Members! If you find yourself looking for a nonprofit opportunity that can have a lasting impact on Valdez, here it is!*




Hiring for seasonal positions begin this month!

  • Jamie Pierce will be serving as our 2024 Operations Manager.

  • We also are transitioning our Membership Coordinator, Rhiannon Pierce, into her new position as our Interim Media Manager.

  • Kevin Reeves is back as a favorite ambassador this year.


    This team is all also tasked with schooling me on Valdez. Thank you, team!



Our membership drive is about to begin. Mark May 1st on your calendar, and watch for the Membership Drive news in your inbox.




VCVB is resuming our member newsletter. We will focus on providing you with to-the-point fresh content and high quality information. News will be relevant to  businesses, hospitality and tourism, cruise ship information, and all things Valdez.




I am in the discovery phase, looking to understand the inner workings of the organization and community dynamics. I’m here to listen and learn how to make Discover Valdez the best it can be. I’m evaluating for effective systems and processes, so we maximize every resource we are granted. Input is welcome.




Through the updates,  an update on membership resources is in process. It will include membership forms, cruise ship updates, and more.




We will be offering  special interactive link for purchase. Those of you who wish to see increased website traffic, take note! The links will be updated monthly.  Expect your highest percent of website clicks from the Discover Valdez Interactive map. As you will see, there are examples of local businesses already receiving a heavier click rate through their clickable links.


As we hone in on your needs and wants, there are going to be increased benefits to advertising through VCVB. Feel free to reach out to me to create an advertising plan tailored to your businesses’ unique needs.



4.       What is the plan for 2024 and beyond ?


My goal will be to support our community and a thriving Valdez through the  stewardship of VCVB—both short and long term.


Our current Strategic Marketing Plan, aligned with the 2024 Budget, formulates our 2024 plan.


5. Last but not least!


With VCVB having  been in a state of transition, I want to assure you:


VCVB is working to enhance our relationships, develop solid and sustainable processes, and grow our communication channels to keep you all in the loop.  


Thank you to all of those who have stopped in to welcome me aboard. I am honored to be supporting all of you. We are grateful for your partnership, and your continued support of Valdez Convention and Visitors Bureau.


With Warmest Regards,


Faith Harris, Executive Director

Valdez Convention and Visitors Bureau





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