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Photo by Jiyeon Juno Kim

Coffee in Valdez, Alaska

Coffee culture is big in any Alaskan town, and Valdez is no exception. In fact, Alaska has been rated as one of the most caffeinated places in the country! From traditional indoor coffee shops to drive-through coffee huts and open-air cafes, Valdez has the caffeine to keep you ready for your Alaskan adventures. 


A Rogue’s Garden is both an excellent coffee shop and a natural foods store. You can roam around and grab some tasty snacks for your adventures while waiting for your coffee or you can grab one of their sandwiches of the day during the week! The Coffee Co. is a great place to stop near the harbor that offers a variety of coffee and food options. Feel like grabbing a coffee and strolling in an open-air market? Magpies on the Fly Cafe is the perfect place. Magpies is located on Galena Drive and offers food, drinks, and quality entertainment in addition to coffee. 

Coffee Huts

You may see some small structures on the side of the road while driving around town, and no, they aren’t sheds or tiny houses, they’re coffee huts! Coffee huts are a very common site in Alaska and they’re especially great when you have a busy schedule full of exploring and sightseeing ahead of you, or when it is simply too cold to even think about getting out of the car. If you’re on the go, swing by Sacred Grounds Espresso or Klondike Coffee.