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Welcome to Valdez!


Where to start? Let's talk about how we say Valdez.

It is pronounced 'val-deez' with a long 'e' like in the word easy.

The reason why we changed it, was to distance ourselves from the original namesake. The people of Valdez wanted something just as different as they are. The community is full of hard working Alaskans who deal with the largest amount of snow fall in Alaska, around 300 inches annually. This same snow total is the reason why a good portion of the population leaves for warmer weather until all the snow melts and they can return to serve the tourists and locals alike.

Population Changes

Overall, there are approximately just under 4,000 people who call Valdez home. A good portion leave during the winter months due to the shear amount of snow. Therefore, a lot of businesses and services close up shop until the snow melts. Make sure that if you are planning a trip to Valdez, almost 3/4 of the town is sleeping like the bears during the winter months.

Snow, Snow, and More Snow

Valdez is the snowiest town in the United States. On average, Valdez sees 300 inches annually - and that is just in the city. Thompson Pass can get even more snow, perfect for those looking to heli-ski or ride snow mobiles. When visiting Valdez in the summer, you can see all of the empty lots throughout town where we store all of our snow (because we have to put it somewhere).


In the 1990's, Valdez was home to the World Extreme Skiing Championships. With stellar mountains and snow, comes extreme skiing.

Northern Most Ice-Free Port

Valdez is the northern most ice-free port, which is another reason why the Trans-Alaska pipeline was set up to end here. The port is used to year round traffic, although the winter months are quieter.


Fun things to know about Valdez -

Over 30 films have parts or have been fully shot in Valdez! Here are some of the top movies.

The Hunt for Red October - opening sequence

Insomnia - waterfall road scene

On Deadly Ground - seacoast shots and scenes around Worthington Glacier

Notable Figures

William A. Egan - First Governor of Alaska

Bill Walker - Governor of Alaska

Home to Cmdr. Will Riker of Star Trek: The Next Generation


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