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Meals Hill Trail

Meals Hill Trail is a hiking trail in Valdez, Alaska that follows up Meals Hill (also known as Blueberry Hill). The trail is a maintained gravel path. Several view points and overlooks are available on the trail, some facing south towards Port Valdez and the Alyeska Oil Terminal, as well as others facing north towards town and Mineral Creek Canyon. In the winter, a Fat Bike race is held on Meals Hill as part of Valdez's annual Fat Bike Festival. The hill is also a favored spot among locals for blueberry picking. 

a satellite view of a hiking trail on a hill

Satellite view of Meals Hill Trail from Google Maps.

How To Get There

Take Hazelet Avenue south towards Kelsey Dock. The trailhead is just before the Valdez Museum Annex on Hazelet, and across the street from Ruth Pond Park. Two gravel paths lead up the hill from Hazelet Avenue, one is for the hiking trail and the other leads to private property. Look for the trail marked with a sign reading "Natural Area Recreate At Your Own Risk". 

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Safety & Etiquette 

The trail is for pedestrian use only. Motorized vehicles are not allowed. Other sections of the hill are private property, so please remain on the trail. The wild celery plant, which may cause skin irritation is present on Meals Hill. As always, Alaska is bear country, so please remain bear aware

a safety advisory sign at a hiking trail head

"Attention: Natural Area. Recreate At Your Own Risk" 

Trail History

Great Land Trust writes of the history of the area, that "the land in and around Meals Hill was likely used by the Alaska Native Chugach and Ahtna tribes for fishing and trading...the history of Meals Hill dates back to gold mining days. George Cheever Hazelet and Andrew Jackson Meals arrived in Valdez in 1898 in search of gold. Not much gold was found, but Hazelet and Meals laid claim to some of the pristine and magnificent lands that they found." The property was held by the Port Valdez Company (originally founded by Hazelet and Meals) until 2019 when it was purchased by funds from the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council facilitated by Great Land Trust and then transferred to the City of Valdez. 

Photo Gallery

Meals Hill Trail

Meals Hill Waterfall

Meals Hill Trail

Meals Hill Trail Head

Look for the trail head on Hazelet Avenue

Meals Hill Trail

Meals Hill Trail

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