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Pink Salmon

"In late summer through fall, local estuaries fill with salmon making their last journey from sea to stream to spawn. Pink salmon (or humpies) run before the silver salmon (cohos), and can fill small streams nearly bank to bank, attracting many predators," Valdez Parks & Recreation

Pink Salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha), also known as humpback salmon or "humpies", may be seen and caught in Valdez. 

Viewing Locations

Spawning pink salmon may be seen from the viewing platform over Crooked Creek, in sections of Mineral Creek along Homestead Trail, or at the Fish Hatchery on Dayville Road. However, fishing is not permitted at these locations!

Fishing Locations

The salmon runs are colossal with pinks returning in the millions and silvers by the hundreds of thousands. Ink salmon are in the 3-6 pound range and are great fun on light tackle. Pinks are great fishing for kids of all ages. The best fishing off the shore is normally during the first three weeks in July but there will be pinks around even into August. The best fishing will be from 2 hours before and 2 hours after high tide.

Pink Salmon Fact Sheet

From Alaska Department of Fish & Game