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Fresh Water Fishing

While much of the excitement in Valdez is salt-water fishing for halibut or salmon, there are ample opportunities for a relaxing day enjoying some fresh-water fishing on the lakes or streams in Valdez. For most of freshwater fishing for grayling, rainbow trout and Dolly Varden, the limit is 10 per day, 10 in possession, but please make sure to check on the Alaska Department of Fish & Game's Sport Fishing Regulations, especially the section on Prince William Sound Regulations. If you need any fishing gear, check our our local outfitters

Arctic Grayling

The best grayling fishing is done in streams during June and July. Eggs and small lures make good bait when the water is cool, and flies work well after it warms up later in the season. Grayling are usually found in almost all of the small streams along the roads of the interior. Grayling are tastiest when grilled and eaten the bank of the stream. Look for them at Blueberry Lake in Thompson Pass. 

Dolly Varden

Many of the small streams where salmon spawn also have Dollies. Very light tackle and single eggs or dry flies make catching these brightly colored fish a real challenge. Generally small dollies are great pan-fried and will remind East Coast fishermen of brook trout. Look for Dolly Varden at Robe Lake

Rainbow Trout

There is excellent fishing for rainbow trout is stocked lakes around Valdez. Every spring, rainbow trout are released into Ruth Pond in Valdez and Blueberry Lake in Thompson Pass.