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Anglers visiting the Valdez area are sure to be pleased with the wide variety of fishing excursions available to them departing daily from the town’s small boat harbor. From reeling in giant halibut to fighting an Alaska salmon, there’s something for fishermen of every level

Prince William Sound is a premier fishing destination. Open year-round, our waters are home to all species of salmon, rockfish, lingcod, and some of the most accessible halibut in Alaska.
You can drop a line from shore, take your own boat, rent a boat, or take a fishing charter into deeper seas, or obtain charter services. Either way, you’re likely to catch enough fish to eat for dinner, or fill your freezer.
Valdez is home to the oldest fish derbies in Alaska, awarding thousands of dollars in prize money each year. Young and old, all skill levels, the thrill of reeling in a record-breaking fish will keep you coming back for more. Learn more about the Valdez Fish Derbies

Fishing Prince William Sound

Halibut Aboard

Discover more about halibut fishing in Prince William Sound! Photo by Joe Prax

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Fishing Prince William Sound


Photo by Joe Prax

Fishing Prince William Sound


Photo by Brian Rhodes

Valdez Fish Derbies

Learn more about the fish derbies in Valdez, Alaska!

Valdez Highlights