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Photo by Khyati Parmar

Solomon Gulch Creek

Solomon Gulch Creek runs from Solomon Lake to the Port of Valdez. The Solomon Gulch Hydroelectric Project and the Solomon Gulch Fish Hatchery are located along the creek. A waterfall through the Gulch is visible along Dayville Road. 

How To Get There

Take Dayville Road. To view the waterfall, park in the parking lot next to the Fish Hatchery. To view more of the creek and Solomon Lake, hike up the John Hunter Memorial Trail

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Safety & Etiquette

Please be careful if viewing the waterfall from Dayville Road. The waterfall is located on the opposite side of the road from the available parking lot. Dayville Road see traffic from people traveling to the hydroelectric project, the fish hatchery, the Alyeska Terminal, and the Allison Point campground, as well as individuals visiting the area for sightseeing of fishing.