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Hoary Marmots

Hoary marmots (Marmota caligata) are found in Valdez. Marmots are in the Family Sciuridae (the squirrel family) making them relatives to the squirrels in Valdez. 

Viewing Locations

"The hoary marmot can be found in talus slopes, boulder fields, and rock outcrops in alpine areas of Alaska, south of the Yukon River. It may occur down to sea level along some areas of the coast where suitable habitat exists," Alaska Department of Fish & Game

Hoary marmots are often spotted in Valdez in the rocky areas along Kelsey Dock and the adjacent kayak launch. Look for marmots around Valdez in spring and summer; marmots hibernate in burrows through the winter and emerge in April or May. 

Hoary Marmot Fact Sheet

From Alaska Department of Fish & Game