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Meetings, Conferences, and Conventions

Be the Center of Attention in Valdez!

Looking to hold your organization's conference, meeting, or convention? Or maybe a banquet, party or wedding? Consider Valdez, Alaska. Our local convention and civic center is a modern facility located on a small hill, giving a perfect 360-degree view of the pristine waters of Prince William Sound, the snow-capped Chugach Mountains, and our charming small town. 

The Valdez Convention and Civic Center offers a ballroom capable of dividing into three separate rooms, a conference room overlooking Port Valdez, and a complete theater complex. 

To book this venue, contact the Valdez Convention & Civic Center. For more information about Valdez or where to find local caterers or accommodations for your event, contact the Valdez Visitors Center

A pond, a small park, and a building on a hill

Local Accommodations

Looking to book a hotel for your convention or conference? Valdez has several local hotels available within walking distance. Local B&Bs, campgrounds, and cabins are also available. 

Valdez Highlights