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Rabbits of Valdez

Where Do These Rabbits Come From?

Many visitors to Valdez are surprised to see rabbits running all over town. These are not wild rabbits, but rather feral descendants of domesticated rabbits which were turned loose some years ago. The mild winters and bountiful summers in Valdez have allowed these rabbits to flourish in our community. 

A bunny hides in grass

Where to See the Rabbits

You don't need to travel far to see the rabbits and bunnies in Valdez. They can be found all over town. They often make burrows under houses and sheds and can be found grazing in the grassy lawsn around buildings. If you are walking around Valdez, check in front of the Visitors Center. We have rabbits that like to hang out around our building. 

A bunny sitting by a kayak on land

Rabbit Safety

While the rabbits and bunnies around seem cute (and you may even see locals hand-feeding them!), please remember that they are feral animals, not pets. Please refrain from petting the rabbits, and do not attempt to pick them up. Respect their space, the same as you would for any other wild or feral animal. 

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