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Yellow Toadflax

Yellow toadflax (Linaria vulgaris) is a beautiful, but invasive, flower that may be unfortunately spotted in Valdez. Other names for yellow toadflax include "butter-and-eggs" and "wild snapdragon" (though several other flowers are also referred to as "wild snapdragon"). Toadflax originated in Eurasia and was introduced into North America as an ornamental plant. 

yellow toadflax flower

Yellow Toadflax along the Richardson Highway

Safety & Etiquette

"Yellow toadflax is a persistent, aggressive invader that is capable of forming dense colonies. It suppresses native grasses and other perennials by competing intensely," UAA Alaska Natural Heritage Program

Yellow toadflax is an invasive plant. Please exercise caution so as not to help it continue to spread.

Viewing Locations

Yellow toadflax has been able to spread throughout much of North America by following along established road systems. In Valdez, yellow toadflax has been spotted along the Richardson Highway. 


Yellow Toadflax Fact Sheet

From University of Alaska Anchorage