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Valdez Community Safety During COVID-19

Thank You Valdez! from PH&SA MarComm on Vimeo.

Information & Resources

For ongoing updates about COVID-19 safety in Valdez, please consult the following resources:

COVID Conscious Businesses

The City of Valdez launched the COVID Conscious Business Program this summer to certify local businesses taking the necessary steps to keep our community safe. You can find out more about these COVID conscious businesses and support them! 

Mask Mandate

The Valdez City Council recently issued a mask mandate that goes into effect at 5:00 PM on Friday, July 10, 2020. Please consult the full details of the mandate

Testing Options


  • Do you interact with the public at work or have a state travel voucher?
    • Call 255-6063 to register for our free Monday 3:30pm-4:30pm or Thursday 11am-12pm drive thru testing option.
  • Need a test before a procedure?
    • After you receive a testing order from your provider, call 835-2249 to schedule your test Monday through Friday 8am-5pm


  • Call a healthcare provider for evaluation.
    • The Alfa Doc: (907) 835-2532
    • Valdez Medical Clinic: (907) 835-4811
  • After you receive a testing order, your provider will instruct you how to schedule your test at the hospital. Symptomatic tests are available Monday through Friday 8am-5pm.

Physical Distancing

We encourage you to continue practicing physical distancing while in Valdez. Please keep 6 feet of physical distance from others while visiting us. Thankfully, with our vast wilderness and Prince William Sound, there's plenty of room for personal space!

Physical Distancing


Please get tested if you develop any of the follow symptoms! 

COVID Symptoms

South Harbor Drive: Partial Road Closure

Updated from the Valdez Unified Command: "South Harbor Drive - Partial Road Closure - Summer 2020 - Fish Processor Safety Measures. For your safety and the safety of those working on South Harbor Drive, please avoid the area unless for official business. Follow all instructions at security checkpoint."

a poster about COVID-19 closures


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