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Valdez Sport & Personal Fishing 

Updated Regulations During COVID-19


On April 21st, the Valdez City Council amended Valdez Local Health Mandate #001 to provide a limited exception to mandatory local quarantine for hunters, sport fishermen, and personal use fishermen traveling to Valdez from areas with confirmed COVID-19 cases.

The mandate remains in effect until May 20, 2020 unless otherwise provided by a vote of the City Council.

With the approval of the amended mandate, the Valdez Sport & Personal Use Fishing Agreement Form is NO LONGER NECESSARY. Local educational materials for hunters, sport fishermen, and personal use fishermen will be published soon on the City of Valdez website.


Original Post (No Longer Necessary)

On April 13th, the Alaska Department of Fish & Game published a press release for Sport and Personal Use Fishing Restrictions Related to Health Mandate 012 and a follow-up clarification stating Sport and Personal use Fishing in Alaska Remains Open.

Those wishing to engage in Sport or Personal use Fishing within the City of Valdez limits or who intend to utilize city facilities – including the boat launch – to reach fishing locations outside of the city shall complete a “City of Valdez COVID-19 Sport & Personal Fishing Agreement”.

Agreement forms are only required for those traveling to or through Valdez to fish in the sport/personal use fisheries. If you live in Valdez, you do NOT have to complete an agreement.

The Agreement Form must be submitted and approved by Ports & Harbors Department staff PRIOR to engaging in fishing activities. Email completed forms to, preferred method, or drop off at the Valdez Harbormaster’s Office. 

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