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The Lodge at Black Rapids

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The Lodge at Black Rapids is a unique Alaskan property that combines accessibility with unspoiled wilderness in the heart of the Alaska Range. The Lodge promises outdoor enthusiasts everything they hope to experience—glaciers, mountains, and wildlife in a fresh, clean environment. We the owners, Annie and Mike Hopper along with our children Huckleberry Jack and Katie Marie, opened our 7,300 sq. ft. timber framed, handmade lodge in 2009, after 10 years of construction. We built the new lodge on the bluff overlooking the Black Rapids Glacier and Delta River, and began the restoration of the 100-year-old Black Rapids roadhouse located on the road below the lodge. Our stories are told throughout this website. As you can imagine, we encountered many kinds of challenges and wild weather strengthening our resilience in life, while building a true respect and love for the Alaska Range. Most stories are best told by our fireplace on a long winters day! The support of our families, friends, Robinson and Associates and Mt. McKinley bank have made this all possible. In the spirit of gratitude, we have built our lodge as a place of transformation, renewal, abundant with adventures, silence and easy hospitality. The backyard holds easy access to waterfalls, mini-grand canyons, wildlife, mountains and great winter skiing/snowshoeing. The front yard holds easy access to wild rivers, glaciers, mountains and a wilderness we like to call “the real Alaska.” Join us as we explore new unknown wilderness. Let us share what we have found here, with access to the areas around Mt. Hayes, the Black Rapids Glacier and trails throughout the Alaska Range.