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Magpies on the Fly

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Each member of the Magpies team will be placed in a schedule that best suits their strengths and supports the team as a whole. At the cafe we run Thursday thru Monday (and some Wednesday nights) May-early September and shifts start as early as 8am and night shifts end around 1am. The tasks that fill your days can be anything from bake prep, food prep, cook, menu changes, inventory for a small cafe, management of beer and wine menu and ordering, barista, server, production tech (sound and lighting) for events, and marketing. Overall we are usually a staff of 4-6 people for the summer. If you are a performer there is lots of opportunity at Magpies to hone your stage skills and make money working in the cafe for the summer. Overall it is an experience of a lifetime!! Reach out if you want to join our team