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Fishing Tackle & Technique

Pink Salmon
Light to medium rods with spinning or casting reels. Line should be about 150 yards of 8-10 pound test. Pixie lures 1/4 to 1/2 ounce are the most effective. Any bright color will do. Remember to use a small swivel ahead of the spoon.

Silver Salmon
• FROM SHORE: Medium rods with spinning or casting reels. Line should be about 150 to 200 yards of 10-15 pound test. 1/2 ounce pixie lures are most effective. Use a swivel. Allison Point (between the Hatchery and the APSC Terminal on Dayville Road) makes a good casting area later in the silver salmon season.
• FROM A BOAT: Troll with 20 to 25 bound test line with medium length, limber rods and a down rigger or pink lady. Herring, cut or whole, work well as bait when trolling. Orange or red hootchies make a good alternative to bait. On a charter, your guide should be aware of the hottest fishing spots. If you are going to rent a boat, try the southern end of Bligh Island early in the season and closer to Potato Point and Sawmill Bay as the season progresses.

King Salmon
There are kings in the waters around Valdez. Immature king salmon (feeder kings) inhabit Prince William Sound year round based on the presence of herring in the waters to provide food. These fish can range in size from 3 to 5 pounds. Best results come from trolling or mooching from a rental or charter boat. When trolling a down rigger or dive planer can be used with a flasher and herring attached. A medium/heavy rod of 7.5 to 8 feet is suggested with 25 pound test on your reel.

Use 6 to 6.5 feet, heavy duty, ocean rods with 4/0 rods and at least 200 yards of 60 pound test line. Herring, octopus and salmon heads make good halibut bait. Anchor over productive areas, and remember these fish are bottom feeders so your sinker has to hold your line on the sea floor. Halibut weigh from 5 to 300 pounds and those big ones can be dangerous if boated alive.


The best grayling fishing is done in streams during June and July. Eggs and small lures make good bait when the water is cool, and flies work well after it warms up later in the season. Grayling are usually found in almost all of the small streams along the roads of the interior. Grayling are tastiest when grilled and eaten on the bank of the stream.

Lake Trout
The best catches are made immediately following spring breakup and just prior to freezing in the fall. However, ice fishing for them is also extremely fun! Try Paxson, Summit, Crosswind, Tanana, Copper, Susitna, Seven-Mile, Jack, and Louise Lakes. Shore anglers should check along the Denali Highway.

Rainbow Trout
Excellent fishing in stocked waters. Try Blueberry, Summit and Silver Lakes.

Dolly Varden
Many of the small streams where salmon spawn also have Dollies. Very light tackle and single eggs or dry flies make catching these brightly colored fish a real challenge. Generally small dollies are great pan-fried and will remind East Coast fishermen of brook trout.

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