Access The Terrain

Alaska Guide Co offers incredible year-round inland tours that take you to the highlights and best secrets Valdez has to offer. We spend the extra time exploring glaciers and icebergs as they change throughout the year to make sure you will see the best Valdez has to offer. Our tours include exploring the icebergs of Valdez Glacier, with a trek on Valdez Glacier, Worthington Glacier Trek, winter ice climbing in Keystone Canyon, summer ice climbing at Worthington Glacier, and rock climbing in Valdez and up on Thompson Pass. We offer family friendly support and a 1:4 guide ratio so you have optimal support on your adventures.

Alaska Photography offers a broad range of photography tours around Valdez for all photography skill levels and physical abilities. From coastal beaches, to inside glaciers, and on mountaintops Valdez hosts a wide range of subjects for any outdoor photographer. Customized roadside tours are also available. Have something on your bucklet list? Book today for your exclusive customized tour of Valdez and Alaska.

The ultimate package! 1st class Alaska heli skiing, deluxe lodging & dining at Robe Lake Lodge!. Activities include heli skiing, snowcat skiing, sled skiing, snowmobile & snowcat tours and more. Experience ski touring and Heli-Yacht packages! All-inclusive private, individual or single day packages for all ages and abilities. World-Class terrain, veteran guides, flawless safety record.

The Avalanche Information Center provides avalanche bulletins, education, and information. GET the GEAR: Ensure everyone has an avalanche transceiver, shovel, and probe on their person and hows how to use them. GET the TRAINING: Take an avalanche course. GET the FORECAST: Live to ride another day.

Celebrating our 25 years of heliski guiding, we offer some of the best skiing in the world. Located at the Tsaina Lodge, built exclusively for heliskiing, we offer heliski packages for he advanced and expert skier and rider. Enjoy snowcat skiing on no-fly days and some of the best dining in the State of Alaska. Member of Heli-Ski US.