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Brown BearValdez is a wildlife viewer's joy.  It has an abundance of most everything, from birding to bear watching and many others in between.  One of the most popular wildlife viewing activities in Valdez is bear watching.  From May, when you can see the bears grazing high up the mountainside when they first awaken, until late October, the bear watching is great.  Bears are most often seen on Dayville Road after the salmon begin their runs in late July.  Check with the Visitor's Center for the most recent bear viewing locations. 

Also seen in abundance in the summers in Valdez, are eagles and many kinds of ducks.  Valdez is a bird watcher's paradise.  Eagles are prominent year-round as are mallards, harlequin ducks, kittiwakes, terns and ptarmigan, just to name a few.  There are also many species of birds that stop at the Valdez duck flats on their way north and again as they return south.  The opportunities to view nesting birds are tremendous.

At different times, the fjord that makes Port Valdez has many kinds of wildlife.  Most commonly seen are seals, sea lions and sea otters.  In June, when the hatchery releases the fry, Dall porpoise and humpback whales are spotted in the area feeding.  Both black and brown bears can be seen feeding along the sides of the bay at low tide as well as the eagles and several kids of gulls when the salmon runs begin.

FlowerIn winter, bird viewing is the dominant wildlife watching activity.  Eagles will line the rivers looking for fish and the roads looking for mice and rabbits.  Also seen in the winter, is an occasional moose.  While moose do not heavily populate the area, they are becoming more frequent and have been seen along the Lowe River, in the Robe Lake area, and rarely, even on the Valdez duck flats.  Also more easily seen in the winter, are mountain goats, which are pushed down the mountain in their search for food.  Their long shaggy coats have a yellow tinge to them against the white snow of the mountainside.  They do not seem to fear people while they are at lower elevations.

Bring your camera to Valdez and experience some spectacular wildlife viewing!

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